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For alpine skiers ages 8-17

The PRC Development Team is a Saturday/Sunday program that provides training for athletes who want to develop their skiing skills beyond the Buddy Werner program or for those who feel that they are not yet ready to participate in a USSA race program.  The Development Team will provide an opportunity to participate in RMD YSL (Youth Ski League) events and the Buddy Werner State Race in Beaver Creek.  Team members may choose to attend two YSL events and the YSL Championship which will comprise the bulk of the competitive events for this team.  Team members may also choose to attend the Buddy Werner State Race.  A USSA youth membership is required for athletes under the age of 14 and USSA Competitor membership is required for athletes 16 and 17 years of age that wish to compete in YSL events.

The PRC Development Team will emphasize fundamental ski development through drills, all mountain free-skiing and drill courses; about 30% of the on hill training time will be in gates to prepare for YSL events and the Buddy Werner State Race.

Team members must be a Level 6 skier to enter the PRC Development Team.  A Level 6 skier is a parallel skier who is able to ski intermediate terrain comfortably, in a wide track parallel.  Intermediate terrain is considered to be all BLUE trails on Powderhorn Mountain Resort.

This program will strive to have an ideal coach-to-athlete ratio of 8:1.  Coaches will develop a passion for skiing by increased free-ski mileage on Powderhorn Mountain with a focus on fun, friends, and skill improvement.  The increased exposure to organized racing in the YSL series will also prepare members of this team to advance to a more competitive USSA Age Class racing program with PRC.

Parental Volunteer Duties and Responsibilities are still applicable for DEVO families.


Ski Start/End Dates:  December 27-29; January 3-4; 10-11; 17-18; 24-25; 31 February 1; 7-8; 22; 28-March 1; 7-8;



Program Details

March 21-22—YSL Championship at Vail—additional coaching fees required for those who wish to attend.

Meeting Times: 8:45-3:00

Video Analysis: 1 time/month

Goal Setting:  January 10-11, 2015

Evaluations:  January 24-25, 2015 written/meeting with coach, athlete and parent(s)

March 8, 2015 written/meeting with coach, athlete and parent(s)



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